Humphree Introduces Lightning Interceptor Trim & Stabilizer System for 25- to 45-Foot Boats

Priced for the Production-Boat Market, it also Incorporates Underwater Lights

Selbyville, Delaware – September 12, 2022 – Humphree, a leading provider of stabilization and trim solutions for the global marine industry, is proud to introduce Lighting, a revolutionary new interceptor trim & stabilizer system designed to improve the performance and comfort level of boats from 25 to 45 feet. Engineered for easy installation on the transom of powerboats with any type of propulsion, this all-in-one system is available with built-in WRGB underwater lights.

The new Humphree Lightning system will be unveiled to the North American market at IBEX in Tampa, Fla., on September 27, 2022, at 4 pm in Booth #2-231.

“Today, everybody wants to feel comfortable the whole time they are on the water. Owners are demanding a stabilized ride in smaller and smaller boats. As a result, our boatbuilding customers have been asking us for an interceptor system that is engineered and priced specifically for the production-powerboat industry. We answered that call with Lightning – a revolutionary new interceptor that not only stabilizes smaller boats while under way, but also replaces the trim-tab system and saves OEMs the cost and time of installing underwater lights.

What’s more, Lightning is a premium upgrade that does not take up any space inside the boat,” said Sean Berrie, CEO, Humphree USA, Inc.

Humphree Lighting System interceptors mounted on an outboard-powered boat

Humphree’s new Lighting System consists of a compact interceptor unit that is installed on either side of the hull below the waterline. Lightning units are designed to fit regardless of whether the boat is powered by outboard, sterndrive, waterjet drive or conventional propeller shaft. The system comes in two sizes adaptable to a variety of hull shapes: Lightning LC300 at 300mm W x 133mm D x 101mm H and Lightning LC450 at 450mm W x 133mm D x 101mm H. Also included is a newly designed mounting bracket and 3.5″ digital control panel with color touchscreen and built-in GPS that is connect via WiFi and Bluetooth to the Humphree App for automatic software updates.

Humphree’s patented interceptor design incorporates a robust servo motor that drives the unit’s internal blade vertically down into the water, creating hydrodynamic lift by intercepting the water flow underneath the hull. The Lightning System is ultra-fast, extending 50mm in half a second, in order to stabilize small boats with short roll periods.

The Lightning System’s optional integrated WRGB underwater lights come with smartphone integration and external control, so owners can customize light colors according to their mood.

Humphree’s Lightning System is available in a variety of packages that feature:

  • Auto Trim – Provides perfect trim for faster acceleration, better driver visibility, improved performance and lower fuel consumption
  • Auto List – Keeps the boat at even keel at speed for continual comfort and safety
  • Coordinated Turn – Controls heel angle during turning, improving both safety and comfort
  • Roll Stabilization – Reduces roll motion at speed, improving ride comfort and lowering the risk of seasickness.

“Humphree’s new Lightning system can help boaters save fuel and improve safety whenever they leave the dock,” Berrie said. “And when the water gets rough, it will give them a much more stable, comfortable ride, lifting their overall boating experience to a new level.”

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2 Responses

  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Is this the first company to combine interceptors with underwater lights, interface included? Seems like a very efficient idea, but maybe I’m missing something?

  2. moose says:

    looks to be. though there has been a multitude of people produce adaptors for plates/lenco/lectrotab/ bennets etc to mount oceanled etc lights to the edge of the trim tabs
    we produced face plates for macris LED lights to attach to Zipwakes
    Depending on the price, these humphrees will do well.

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