e3 Systems launches eHUB, a unique connectivity management solution for large yachts

Wednesday, November 29th, 2023: The eHUB solution is considerably more than another traffic routing box. It does manage all the new LEO connections as well as all the vessel’s existing connections. It also enables traffic routing from WANs to VLANs, as do most other traffic routing boxes.  

However, the eHUB does so much more, and it´s driven from a simple user interface with beautiful and detailed graphics enabling it to be used and understood by everyone from ETO  to owner. 

In addition, as standard, it includes 24/7 support for all the communications and IT tech on board from a permanently manned helpdesk. It also includes an automated, remote 24/7 service that conducts a remote health check on every IP device on-board every ten seconds.  

One of the many advantages of the eHUB solution is that you will be notified by the eHUB Support Operations Centre (SOC) of any communications equipment failure, often before you know about it on-board.  

Another service provided by the eHUB solution is protection against cyber security threats. It provides a cyber incident response to enhance your comfort in thebknowledge that, if you  are suspicious of anything on your network, you can call the eHUB Cyber Security triage at the eHUB SOC to ask for help and advice. If needed, the triage will escalate the issue to the experts at Templar Executives, the award-winning cyber security consultancy and they will take it from there.

Finally, the eHUB solution provides a native connection to the internet in the UK or the USA  as standard, so the yacht can effectively be in the UK or USA wherever it is in the world. In fact, eHUB can be connected to many other countries on request.  

What does this mean? It means that all UK or USA services will work on-line as if you are in that country, and you can use apps and web services from that country as if you were there. 

For more information see: e3s.com

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Sometimes superyacht technology is where we can preview features that may eventually trickle down to the cruising masses. It’s great how well my (Verizon Pixel) phone worked in Europe, but would have been even nicer if it thought I was still at home.

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