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We built this new Classifieds section of Panbo.com for two reasons. One is to give Panbo readers, myself included, a free and easy way to buy and sell used marine electronics. The other is to provide manufacturers, apps developers, installers, retailers, etc. long-term exposure to Panbo readers at a very reasonable cost. Think of it as the back pages of your favorite boating magazine, except exclusively devoted to marine electronics. ~ Ben

What you need to know about Panbo Classifieds:

  • Privacy: You don't have to register to browse ads and send emails to advertisers (via this site). Advertisers do have to register but email addresses, phone numbers, and street addresses will not be exposed to readers or shared with anyone.
  • Used electronics ads: Basic ads for used electronics, including two big photos and lots of text are completely free and will stay that way. It's perfectly fine for installers, boatyards, and other professionals to sell used equipment.
  • Business ads: Business ads are meant more to profile companies than specific products. Therefore there's a limit of one ad per business per category. Right now they are free -- free for an entire year run! -- but eventually that will change.
  • Photos: Pictures sell, and Panbo let's you post effective ones. The ideal image size is 700 pixels wide, 600 high, though you can upload much larger photos that will be downsized.
  • Goal: This new section of Panbo could become a valuable resource for boaters and the marine electronics trade, and could also lend financial support to Panbo's editorial efforts. Please help make it work.

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